Reclining Lift Chair Reviews

First, I would like to make it abundantly clear that there is only one manufacturer of lift chairs out there that is worth purchasing.  That is Golden Technologies.  They are based in Old Forge, PA and their chairs are made from scratch right there.  I have seen this with my own eyes.  It is truly a great American company.   I myself am a dealer for Golden and other companies as well, but I am a dealer for the other companies only so that we can repair them and order parts.  I will not sell lift chairs from the other manufacturers because I believe them to be so inferior, it would damage my reputation.  Other manufacturers take a reclining chair made by a third party furniture company and slap a lift mechanism into it and wallah, they sell a reclining lift chair.  Well, in my estimation, they end up as crap.

Then, to narrow it down even more, I won’t sell much of the Golden line.  They have 4 chairs that I think are out of this world and I believe in my heart that I am doing customers a huge favor by only allowing them to buy one of those four, and here is why:

Many of our customers spend most of the day and all night in their lift chairs, but lets just assume that a customer spends 8 hours a day watching tv, taking naps, working on their laptop, doing crossword puzzles, etc.  in their reclining lift chair.  Then, lets assume that they are going to keep that chair for 7 years.  8 hours a day times 365 days a year times 7 years is equal to 20,440 hours.  This, to me, is therefore one of the most valuable and important purchases a senior will make.   Only the best is acceptable. Golden chairs have a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 3 year warranty on the electronics, but just as important is that they have fabrics that feel like unicorn skin (Brisa) and ergonomic chairs that can make you feel weightless.

  • I want a basic chair that has simple two button controls, up and down.  I don’t spend a ton of time in my chair and just want the most simple thing out there, yet I am quality minded.  OR, I cannot lay back very far because of some health issues.  Note: I often sell 2 button chairs to customers that have some form of dementia and more buttons are to difficult to use. The Comforter is the reclining lift chair for me.  Purchase Comforter     or Read Full Comforter Review
  • I understand that the best lift chairs have 2 motors and therefore have the ability to move the back and the foot rest separately.  Unique to the Golden chairs that have the 2 motors are the zero gravity and the total comfort positions.  Zero gravity is just what it sounds like, a feeling (almost laying flat) where there is little pressure on your spine and muscles.  unbelievable.  Total comfort is a new position that Golden just preprogrammed on every now maxicomforter, relaxer, and cloud remote.      It is an upright sitting position that you would use to watch tv, work on your laptop, read, do crossword puzzles, etc.   It is difficult to describe, but trust me, the words I would use would be incredible and heavenly.  I need a specific size to fit my needs.  In other words, I am smaller or larger than the average person and need a special fit that only the maxicomfort can handle. I want to purchase the Maxicomfort Comforter!
  • I am your average sized person from 5’4″ to 6’2″ and I weigh less than 375 pounds.  I am interested in the best reclining lift chair the world can offer.  I want a firm chair with overstuffed arms, a waterfall pillow back that I can unzip each individual pillow to add/remove stuffing to custom fit.   I want the headrest pillow to flip back and allow me to put in my own special pillow if I want. I want to be able to add brisa and the heat/message package.  I understand how much time I will spend in my chair and want the best of the best.  Give me the Golden Relaxer! or Read Full Relaxer Review.
  • I am your average sized person from 5’4″ to 6’4″ and I weigh less than 375 pounds.  I am interested in best reclining lift chair the world can offer.  I like a plush, pillow soft feeling, you know, that feeling you get like when you were a child and you fell into a pile of fresh snow.  I want to be able to add the superfabric brisa and the heat/message package.  I understand how much time I will be spending in my chair and I want the best of the best.  Give me the Cloud! or Read Full Cloud Review.


I'm looking for a chair with infinite positions rather than 2 or 3, that can support a female of about 5'3" and 250 to 350 pounds. I need quality and durability most of all. This would be a chair for my mother, but I also need it to be durable in that her husband likes to 'fiddle' with things thinking he can fix them and often ends up making them worse in the process. So would need something 'fiddle' proof, if you know what I mean. Any suggestions?


l am desperate.

desirae novello


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