What is the Best Lift Chair?



I believe the best lift chair on the market is the Golden Relaxer model 756 in the Brisa material with heat and massage.   This chair is incredible.  Most lift chairs on the market have one motor.  Therefore, when the chair reclines the foot rest comes up and two are linked together.  The Relaxer has two motors that allow the back and the foot rest to operate independently.  This gives the user “unlimited” positions.  The chair will even go so far back that  your head is lower than your feet  (the Trendelenburg position).  It comes with many material options, but the best by far is the Brisa.  The Brisa material is kind of like synthetic leather.  We tell customers that it comes from Unicorns.  It makes leather feel like canvas.  Customers like it because it is soft, and doesn’t make you feel hot or cold the way other synthetic materials feel.   A quick search of the internet comes up with a ballpark price of around $2200.00, with the Brisa option and the heat and massage.  This is what  we got for my mom.  She had foot surgery and is having a knee replacement soon.  She loves the heat as she is always cold.  If you look at the first picture, you can see the controller has 4 preset positions.  Zero gravity, which is basically flat, TV, which is legs up back straight, and then you can program in your two favorite positions.  Of course, this also lifts you up to help you stand up.  See my other posts about why I think Golden is also the best lift chair manufacturer.  Check out my video below——

Note from a customer that bought the Relaxer:

Two years ago my wife had just had foot surgery and needed to keep it raised for extended periods of time.  Clearly, some kind of a recliner was needed.  We searched around and finally chose the Golden Relaxer and bought it in Lancaster at the Scooter Warehouse.

My wife’s foot healed, and the chair has lived on.  This is, without a doubt, the most comfortable chair either of us has ever sat in.  I don’t know, or care, what little “tricks” or clever design features that Golden has used, but this chair fully supports the back of your knees and the small of your back in such a way as to prevent stress of any kind on these members.  In the “ZG” position I can sleep on my back or either side in complete comfort (Yes, I do sometimes sleep all night in the thing).  We got it in the Brisa (synthetic leather) material and that, too, is outstanding.  Comfortable in all temperatures, easy to clean, and durable.  And the heater!  It is really nice in the cold weather, particularly if you are not feeling well.  I don’t care for the massage feature, but that’s just me…it works fine; I just don’t enjoy it.  Though we seldom use it, the “lift” feature works as you would expect.  We plan to buy another in the near future.

Lift chair
Lift chair

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